“Giancarlo Impiglia packs a mighty wallop of Art historical references in his lively compositions. He stands on the shoulders of the Italian futurists, recalls the flourishes of Art Nouveau, celebrates the curving geometry of Art Deco and integrates the concept of Cubism.”


“His stylized figures inhabit a unique world of his own creation. Impiglia’s verve and animation permeate his work. It is full of movement and social commentary; it is rich in observation. There is wit in his take on how people move and dress and interrelate.”

“His technical skill underpins all and frees him to indulge an appetite for complexity. Giancarlo is the opposite of a minimalist: he is a maximalist and his work “talks” to civilized art appreciators.”

“His is the voice of an original.”

Elaine Benson
The Elaine Benson Gallery
Bridgehampton, New York